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Designing with color.

Industrial Design Projects

As an industrial designer, my job is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing products. I am responsible for researching and understanding the user's needs, as well as the market trends and materials available.


My designs must consider factors such as ergonomics, sustainability, and manufacturing processes. I use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create 3D models and prototypes, which I test and refine until they meet the desired specifications.


Working closely with engineers and manufacturers, I ensure that my designs are feasible and cost-effective. I also collaborate with marketing and sales teams to ensure the product meets the target audience's needs and desires.


As an industrial designer, I am always looking for ways to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible. I believe that good design can improve people's lives and make the world a better place, and I am passionate about using my skills to create products that achieve this goal.

Password-protected work from Mayzon. 

Bed and Bath product designs made for Mayzon. Clients include Zenna Home, Home Goods, Walmart, Target, Fred Myers, and more. 

To access, please get in contact. 

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Doggylife is here to make all dogs happy regardless of age. We truly believe that dogs are our children, and thus to make sure they are comfortable throughout their entire life, we need to satisfy each dog's individual necessities.

For this collection, follow your pup's discovery to where animals hide under the sea. Dive into a collection full of modular toys, with mysterious and interesting toys & treats! Summer is here! Your pup is ready for their beach resort vacation! Do you have water toys to take with you? 

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ASP is a robotic companion for your dog that features a 4k camera, tons of features - like a treat dispenser - and a funny looking face. ASP can help you and your pet in your day-to-day life without the stress of feeling alone. While you watch your pet via the camera or entertain them with your voice and treats, your pet will become happier.

Lunavita Havens is a living and transportation vessel allowing humans to stay on the moon for longer than the 3-4 days currently possible. NASA and Commercial Space companies are interested in developing technologies for sustainable human presence for exploring other space destinations. Our Haven vessels will be capable of sustaining human life as well as surface mobility.


These adorable and kid-friendly airpods are designed to look like cute little bees! BeePods are not just your ordinary wireless earbuds; they are a perfect blend of technology, comfort, and fun, making them the perfect companion for children and the young at heart.

Aero boasts a sleek and futuristic design, blending aerospace engineering with automotive elegance. The vehicle's streamlined body and carefully crafted curves reduce air resistance, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers. Inside the spacious cabin, plush seating with ample legroom provides a first-class travel experience that is both comfortable and luxurious.


Meet "Orbit," the lovable and environmentally-conscious Red Panda, on a mission to teach kids all about sustainability and caring for our planet. Sunny is not your ordinary plush toy; he's an interactive and educational companion, designed to inspire young minds to become eco-conscious stewards of the Earth. 

The WoofBowl boasts a collapsible design that allows it to fold down into a compact, space-saving shape. It easily fits into your backpack, purse, or car glove compartment, making it a breeze to bring along during hikes, road trips, picnics, or any outdoor escapade. This innovative dog bowl is designed to provide convenience and versatility, ensuring your pet stays well-fed and hydrated wherever you roam.

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This groundbreaking leap towards sustainable fun and environmentally conscious play. Designed with both excitement and ecological responsibility in mind, Eco HotWheels reimagines the classic toy car experience while pioneering eco-friendly packaging. Each Ecp HotWheel is meticulously crafted from a high-quality blend of recycled materials and coffee.

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